Mining Engineering

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Mining engineers deal with discovering, extracting, processing, marketing, and utilizing mineral deposits from the earth. The role of the mining engineer may be quite diversified, and the field offers opportunities for specialization in a large number of technical areas. The trained professional in this field is well-versed in mining and geology and also in the principles of civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering as applied to the mining industry. A degree in mining engineering is designed to produce a modern professional capable of designing and managing a modern coal or mineral mining operation.

Mining engineering at WVU began in 1868 when the first mine surveying course was offered. The program was accredited by ABET's predecessor in 1936 when the first accreditation process came into existence in the U.S. The accreditation of the mining engineering program has been continuously renewed without interruption since the very beginning.

The Department of Mining Engineering features state-of-the-art laboratories including rock mechanics and ground control, mine ventilation, mine equipment, mine design, health and safety, longwall, coal preparation, and mineral processing.

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Programs Offered

Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering
Mining engineering deals with discovering, extracting, beneficiating, marketing, and utilizing mineral deposits from the earth's crust.

Dual Degrees

Fields of Study

Computer Applications

How the cutting-edge computer technology is being used to design and automate modern plant and mining operations. Also applying computer design and numerical modeling techniques to the mining and engineering problems.

Environmental and Sustainability

How to reclaim the mined land and restore it to its original condition or better. Sustainable development principles applied to the restoration of land temporarily impacted by mining operations.

Exploration and Reserve Valuation

How to apply engineering principles and skills to the effective use of explosives in the process of removing and extracting the materials from the earth.

Materials Handling

How to efficiently and safely move and track people, equipment, and extracted minerals to and from place to place.

Mine Design

How to design mines to maximize output and worker safety while minimizing cost and environmental impacts.

Mine Safety and Management

Applying management techniques to organize and operate mining and processing activities in most safety and effective ways.

Mine Ventilation, Health and Safety

How to design and operate ventilation systems and control methane and other gas, dust, heat, noise levels, and lighting related problems in mines to protect the health and safety of both miners and public.


Studying in the curriculum includes taking basic courses in mathematics, geology, physics, and chemistry as well as courses in surface and underground mining systems, engineering principles of blasting, materials handling, ventilation, roof control, rock mechanics, mining equipment, coal and mineral preparation, mine and plant design, and water control. Mining Engineering students also receive a liberal education through the University's Liberal Studies requirements. Since positions in mining engineering are often administrative or managerial, training in economics, business, and personnel management are also important. In the fourth year, specialization in areas such as coal mining, metal mining, or other phases of the discipline may be achieved through selection of design problems and electives.

Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering


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These scholarships are available only to students who are currently enrolled in the Department of Mining Engineering. Prospective freshmen students click here for scholarship information.

To retain the eligibility of Mining Engineering Scholarships, the Mining Engineering Student, must be a student member or member of SME, actively participate in SME Student Chapter's activities, and scheduled fieldtrips by the SMESC Program or Mining Engineering Department.

This Mining Engineering Scholarship Award Policy also applies to the Geology or Civil Engineering students, declared and officially accepted in either BSGEOL-MINE, or BSCE-MINE Dual Degree Programs, and officially accepted by the Mining Engineering Undergraduate Program.

There are additional restrictions in the Mining Engineering Scholarship Award Policy for the Mining Engineering, Geology or Civil Engineering students, declared and officially accepted in either BSCE-MINE or BSGEOL-MINE Dual Degree program in the Mining Engineering Undergraduate Program.

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