Mining Engineering

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Mining Engineering
Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources
365A Mineral Resources Building
P.O. Box 6070
Morgantown, WV 26506-6070
P: 304.293.7680
F: 304.293.2037

Scholarships for Undergraduates

These scholarships are available only to students who are currently enrolled in the Department of Mining Engineering. Prospective freshmen students click here for scholarship information.
  1. Mining Engineering SCHOLARSHIP AWARD POLICY
  2. Statler College Scholarships will be announced on the Flashing Board in Mineral Resources Bldg. You must apply. (see Statler College website).
  3. Major Sources of MinE Scholarships are shown below:

A. Wahab & Judith B. Khair Endowed Scholarship 
Alpha Natural Resources mining engineering Scholarship 
Charles Edward Witt Memorial Scholarship 
Christopher Coal Mining Scholarship 
Dennis McElroy 
Department of Mining Engineering Scholarship 
Doris H. & J. Banner Bise Memorial Scholarship in Mining Engineering 
Jack White Memorial Scholarship 
James M. Hunter Endowed Scholarship 
James O. Bunn Chinese Scholarship 
James O. Bunn Endowed Scholarship 
John L. and Betty J. Schroder Endowed Scholarship 
Joseph Leonard IV Memorial Scholarship 
Joy Scholarship 
Lewis E. and Elizabeth W. Young 
Mineral Resources Alumni Chapter 
Mineral Resources Scholarship 
Northern West Virginia Coal Preparation Society Endow Scholarship 
Other Private Scholarships 
Percy H. Gillie Scholarship 
Peter's Creek Coal Association Scholarship 
R. Larry Grayson Endowed Scholarship 
Ralph & Geraldine F. Dado Mining Engineering Endowed Scholarship 
Raymond E. Salvati Scholarships 
Raymond H. Blowers, Jr. Scholarship 
Robert Lee Raines Scholarship 
Royce and Caroline Watts Family Endowed Scholarship 
Singleton Scholarship 
Syd and Felicia Peng Family Endowed Scholarship 
Terry and Frances Seelinger Scholarship 
The North Carolina Coal Institute, Inc. 
WAAIME Scholarships and Loans 
Warren D. & Grace W. Sharpenberg Scholarship 
Watson Foundation 
Westmoreland Coal Company 
WV Mining & Reclamation Association Scholarship 

College Related
Department Scholarships

WVU Undergraduate Scholarship Office
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